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How Can a Veterans Disability Lawyer Help Your VA Claim?

Filing a claim for veterans disability benefits can take you through a complicated maze of paperwork, forms, and records. All too often, veterans who have served our country are denied VA disability benefits when in fact they are disabled due to a service related injury or illness. Or a veteran can be approved for benefits but receive a VA disability rating below 100%. In both of these cases, veterans are still expected to work, in spite of their disabling conditions, in order to support themselves. This is where a veterans disability lawyer can help. 

In order to substantiate a veterans disability claim you need to prove the following:

  • A currently existing, identified disability

  • An illness or injury that occurred while in service

  • A medical link, or nexus, connecting the condition to the incident

VA Disability Standards

It may seem simple enough but it is often the case that all above conditions are met but the case isn’t quite made convincingly according to the VA’s standards. A VA disability lawyer will be aware of the many pitfalls veterans routinely encounter when applying for benefits or having their claims reviewed. Common reasons are missing information, incomplete documentation, or not enough evidence. VA disability lawyers know how meticulous the VA can be when it comes to veterans claims, especially having the right information on the right forms. Your attorney will also make sure that doctors' records and documentation support your claim for VA benefits.

Choosing a Veterans Disability Law Firm

The right veterans disability attorney will have experience with navigating VA’s disability system, including the complex ratings system. The attorneys of the Friedman Firm have that experience. If it turns out that you have a secondary condition, we can explore the best strategies to increase your rating and maximize your benefits. 

Whether your initial claim has been denied or you received a below 100% rating, but cannot find or maintain employment, we will want to know how much time has passed since then. Has your condition worsened since that time? The answers to these questions, and more, could make a considerable difference in the success of an appeal or a request for a VA rating increase

Contact the Friedman Firm, Experienced VA Disability Attorneys

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