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About the Firm

Friedman Law Firm, P.C., is a nationally recognized law firm serving individuals, families and corporate clients in several clearly defined areas of focus. We offer comprehensive counsel and representation in Social Security Disability and veterans disability compensation, in addition to providing trusted insurance company counsel.

We practice in all 50 states, and our attorneys come to you. 

Offering large-firm knowledge complemented by smaller firm agility and a constant commitment to personal service, we are trusted advisers and advocates for all of our clients.

Although we serve people of all ages and backgrounds, Friedman Law Firm, P.C., is far from a general-practice law firm. Four accomplished attorneys focus intently on distinct legal practice areas, working in concert with an experienced support staff to ensure clients receive the utmost in responsiveness and efficient care.

When appealing denied Social Security Disability and veterans disability compensation claims, we charge no fees unless our clients succeed in obtaining benefits. In addition, our fees when we win are limited to a set percentage of retroactive (past-due) benefits.

We offer a free consultation to explore your situation and discuss whether our services are right for you.

We take great care to provide an accessible and welcoming environment for clients who work with us from all over the country. Our offices are located just a few blocks off of Highway 280 in Birmingham, in an easy-access building with close, convenient parking. Our commitment to prompt and courteous client service is notable, with all calls accepted or returned promptly.

Whether you are in need of a Social Security disability attorney, Veterans benefits attorney or estate planning lawyer, one call to our firm may be the first step toward greater financial stability and peace of mind. What we say equals what we do, and we offer a free initial consultation to discuss and explore your challenge.