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Practice Areas

Disability Benefits Law Firm

The Friedman Firm is focused on helping clients obtain disability benefits. We assist clients with Social Security disability benefits, VA disability benefits and Railroad retirement disability. Our law firm is happy to provide legal assistance and resources to disabled individuals hoping to qualify for disability benefits. The Friedman Law Firm is located in Birmingham Alabama and assists clients both locally and nationally. We can help you at any step in the claims process including preparing an application gathering medical records, the application process, appealing, higher level review, administrative law judge hearings, or if you have been denied benefits previously. Our attorneys are here to help contact us to day for a free consultation with an experienced disability lawyer.

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Whether due to a sudden injury, debilitating illness or chronic condition, an inability to work almost always creates a pressing need for income from some other source. For many people in these circumstances, the primary source of financial support is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the federal agency responsible for evaluating disability claims and distributing benefit payments to people who meet established, detailed criteria. While this government program helps millions of Americans and their families, it can be difficult to go through the process and gain approval. A disability lawyer can greatly increase your chances of successfully applying to or appealing your disability claim. Our passionate disability attorneys care about you and are driven to help you get the results you deserve. If your just considering filing for disability or in the middle of the appeals process, we're here to support you! Learn more about our social security disability lawyers.

VA Benefits: Veterans Disability Claims

If you have a medical condition related to your service in any branch of U.S. military service, you may be eligible for disability compensation benefits available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ("the VA"). You may also be eligible for dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC) benefits as the surviving spouse of a military veteran who had a service-related disability or disease. If you have applied and been denied, that does not have to be the end of your quest. Applications for veterans compensation and pension benefits can be completed online or in person at any ... Learn more

Railroad Retirement Disability

If you worked for the Railroad and were injured on the job, or just got sick and now you can’t work, you can apply for Railroad Retirement Disability Benefits. This program provides a monetary disability benefit and Medicare coverage very similar to Social Security. You may even be eligible for both Railroad Retirement Disability and Social Security Disability! Are You Eligible? You are eligible for Tier I disability under the Railroad Retirement program if you worked for the railroad for at least five years after 1995. This benefit includes the same amount you would get from Social ... Learn more

Corporate Counsel

Insurance Company Counsel

We have been advising life insurance companies and their agents since 1975 about Advanced Sales cases and compliance. We are retained as National Council for Estate and Business Planning to advise agents in the design and sale of advanced estate planning and business planning cases. This includes determining liquidity needs and planning techniques based on fact-finders whenever possible; but more often based on limited information available to an agent about a prospect. Business markets include key man, buy-sell, non-qualified deferred compensation, employer qualified plans, individual retirement accounts, split-dollar, 412(e) and other markets. We author articles ... Learn more