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Social Security Disability Appeals & Hearings

If you filed an application for Social Security Disability benefits and received a claim denial, you are likely shocked and intensely concerned about the future. You may believe that you meet all requirements — including having paid enough into the system and then developed a disability that will prevent you from working for a year or longer — and you do not have to wait a year to apply.

The majority of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are initially denied. Most estimates say this happens with 60 percent or more of all applications. This is true throughout Alabama and across the nation, resulting in the need for thousands of hearings and appeals. If you have questions on your hearing or appeal, contact our Birmingham lawyers today.

Clear Guidance and Strong Advocacy in Pursuit of Your Disability Benefits

At Friedman Law Firm, P.C., our dedicated lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the criteria used to evaluate Social Security Disability claims and all phases of the process for appealing claim denials.

Our law firm is a proven resource for:

  • A thorough assessment of your application and the reason given for denial, in order to determine the best approach to the next phase of the process — a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) who will reconsider your claim

  • Skilled guidance through all steps in the process from requesting a hearing to preparation of the strongest possible case for success at that level

  • Follow-through to subsequent phases — a review by the Appeals Council or even an appeal to federal court — if needed due to an unfair or misguided decision at your hearing

We Stand With You Through the Four Levels of Appeal: 

  • ReconsiderationWhen you ask the SSA to reconsider your claim, your claim will be reviewed by examiners who were not involved in the initial decision. At this stage, you can submit any additional information that may have been left out of your initial claim.

  • Administrative Law Judge HearingAt this stage, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will review the entire case and determine whether your claim was correctly or incorrectly decided.

  • Appeals CouncilThe Appeals Council will check to see whether the law was applied correctly to the ALJ decision denying or claim or review whether any errors were made in reaching the decision.

  • U.S. District CourtAt this stage of appeal, a U.S. District Court judge will review the application of the law, to see whether any errors were made, and in some cases will review the facts of the case.

NOTE: You have 60 days to apply for any level of appeal if your claim or appeal is denied! 

Statewide Service, Including Anniston: SSDI Appeals Attorneys

Our Birmingham Social Security Disability hearings attorneys have knowledge across the spectrum of work-ending and work-limiting injuries and illnesses, ages and occupations, and aspects of the review process used by the Social Security Administration for both SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. We are here to help whether you suffer from a physical or mental condition and whether it is a permanent, temporary or partial disability.

Your success getting a claim denial reversed could rest on your decision to work with a qualified attorney. We are available to help you file your application if you have not yet done so, or to pursue all avenues if your claim has been wrongfully denied.

Lets Get Started: We Will Appeal Your Claim

Our work together can begin with a free consultation, and you will pay us no attorney fees at all unless we take your case and succeed in obtaining benefits for you.

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