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Railroad Retirement Disability

Railroad Retirement Disability

If you worked for the Railroad and were injured on the job, or just got sick and now you can’t work, you can apply for Railroad Retirement Disability Benefits. This program provides a monetary disability benefit and Medicare coverage very similar to Social Security. You may even be eligible for both Railroad Retirement Disability and Social Security Disability!

Are You Eligible?

You are eligible for Tier I disability under the Railroad Retirement program if you worked for the railroad for at least five years after 1995. This benefit includes the same amount you would get from Social Security Disability, plus an additional disability benefit, known as Tier II annuity.

If you have not worked for the Railroad for at least five years after 1995, you can still apply for Social Security Disability.

To prove that you are disabled, you must show that you cannot perform any job at all. But, if you have a current connection with the Railroad and have worked for at least twenty years, or are between the age of 60 and full retirement age with at least ten years of service, you may qualify for Occupational Disability. In general, for Occupational Disability, you must prove that you cannot perform your own occupation with the railroad – as opposed to proving that you cannot perform any job at all.

Applying for Railroad Retirement Disability Benefits

An application is usually filed online. If the application is denied, then you can file for Reconsideration. If the Reconsideration is denied, the next step is to request a hearing before a Hearing Officer.

Should the Hearing Officer deny your claim, then you can appeal again within the Railroad Retirement Board, and eventually to federal court. But, the only time you can testify and speak to the decision maker is at the hearing with the Hearing Officer. All other appeals are based upon the existing record only, with no additional evidence or testimony.

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