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The Importance of Procedure at a Hearing

At a Railroad Retirement Board disability hearing, the importance of the hearing procedure is sometimes overlooked. It’s obvious that when you have a hearing, you need to include helpful evidence in the record. But, it is often not obvious how to include that evidence in the record.

Most workers think of Railroad Retirement Disability in terms of their injuries and nothing else. But, when it comes to Railroad Retirement disability cases, the procedural aspects are just as important.

Tips For Railroad Retirement Disability Process

Unless you are familiar with the Railroad Retirement disability process, you may miss important opportunities to present your case in the best light. For example, at the hearing, if you think that an exhibit that the Hearing Officer wants to include in the record is inaccurate and should not be admitted, you have to state an objection to it, and give reasons why.

While most evidence will be admitted, sometimes an objection will alert the Hearing Officer to a problem with an Exhibit in the case. Hopefully that evidence will be given less weight than other evidence as a result of your objection. This is an example of utilizing a procedural aspect of the case to enhance the substance of your case. It’s done by telling the Hearing Officer that the evidence in your favor is stronger than other evidence, and why.

 Or, if you think that the Hearing Officer is not being fair, usually you have to raise that issue at the hearing, and ask the Hearing Officer to recuse themself.

As you present your testimony and evidence, these issues and others like them should be on your mind. You will find that it is often procedural aspects like these that become most important to the success of your case.                                             

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