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Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel

Insurance Company Counsel

We have been advising life insurance companies and their agents since 1975 about Advanced Sales cases and compliance.

We are retained as National Counsel for Estate and Business Planning to advise agents in the design and sale of advanced estate planning and business planning cases. This includes determining liquidity needs and planning techniques based on fact-finders whenever possible; but more often based on limited information available to an agent about a prospect. Business markets include key man, buy-sell, non-qualified deferred compensation, employer qualified plans, individual retirement accounts, split-dollar, 412(e) and other markets.

We author articles and give presentations extensively on advanced market concepts. We are noted for a ground-breaking series about Section 1035 exchanges, which is still utilized today in home offices. Our articles appear in insurer magazines and industry publications. We give presentations at national conventions, including MDRT.

Our advanced sales advice is based in part upon our experience advising the firm’s individual and business clients. We draft wills, trusts, employment compensation agreements, qualified plans, buy-sell agreements, etc., for these clients. With this experience we can advise the agent not only about the insurance sales aspects, but also about what questions to anticipate from the prospect’s lawyer and CPA. This knowledge is invaluable to providing a practical perspective for the agent.

As to compliance, we advise home office counsel and departments on varied issues such as tax-reporting, advertising, insurance regulation and litigation, especially involving advanced sales cases. We are consulted in defending lawsuits and mediation. Our knowledge of the sales process is an asset because insurers do not have to educate us about their products or internal processes.

Counsel to Executives and Closely-Held Private Businesses

We provide counsel to successful executives and owners of closely-held private businesses. This includes advice and counsel on estate planning, such as the drafting of Wills and Trusts, as well as business planning, including buy-sell agreements and employment agreements. We advise on the choice of business entity, organizational documents, business contracts, and the day to day issues arising for our clients. The fact that we are retained by insurers as National Counsel for Estate and Business Planning speaks to our competence. We are happy to discuss your possible needs to determine whether we may be of assistance. See our FAQs for Estate Planning.

Long Term Disability Insurers

We accept referrals from long term disability insurers to obtain Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability Compensation Benefits for LTD claimants. These benefits may offset insurers’ LTD claim obligations. Through our nationwide practice we are recognized as experts in obtaining these benefits, and as a valued resource for insurers about current developments and compliance issues.