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Disability Attorneys in Alabama: The Crucial Role of a Disability Attorney and Why You Need to Hire One

We all go through life hoping for nothing but the best. Our expectations are even higher when it comes to our careers and how we expect to run the full course until we are ready to retire

Unfortunately, life isn’t always smooth running, and you could find yourself in need of financial assistance after an illness, chronic condition, or injury makes you unable to work and provide for yourself and your loved ones.

When tragedy strikes, if you have a strong work history and you have been paying your Social Security taxes, the best way to gain some stability and independence is to enroll in the Social Security program. Being accepted into the program entitles you to financial and medical benefits. However, you must be prepared to deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and go through the notoriously complex disability claim process before you get approval.

If you don't qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits, which is a needs-based program available to individuals with very limited income and resources.

All this can be quite challenging, if you are in poor health, needing to focus on getting proper treatment and sufficient rest while still being able to pay your medical bills and other expenses.

Here is where we, Friedman Law Firm, a team of experienced and skilled Social Security Disability Attorneys in Birmingham, AL, come to the rescue, ready to offer all the needed support and fight until you get the benefits you deserve.

If your looking for a favorable outcome, reach out to us for a free consultation and professional handling of your case.

Should I Hire an Alabama Social Security Disability Attorney?

While it isn't mandatory to hire Social Security Disability lawyers when filing a claim, it is important that you are aware of how time-consuming and complicated this process can be for a newbie. Statistics show that as high as 67% of initial disability claims are denied nationally, with most applicants only getting these government benefits after appealing the decision.

A study by the U.S Government Accountability Office further shows that Social Security Disability applicants with a representative were 2.9 times more likely to be awarded benefits than those without.

All these figures boil down to the importance of having a specialized Social Security Disability law office managing the claims process on your behalf.

In Alabama, Friedman Law Firm has attorneys who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing legal help to injured and disabled workers and strive to deliver the best possible results.

What Does a Social Security Disability Attorney Do?

Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney in Birmingham, AL, is helpful when you want a smooth and stress-free claim application process that will aid you in getting disability benefits quickly.

Have a better understanding of the Social Security Disability program

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program governed by strict rules and regulations. It can be competitive as the Social Security Administration receives millions of applications each year, necessitating compliance with all the guidelines stipulated by the agency.

Social Security Disability lawyers will also ensure that your application is completed within the stipulated timeframe, as the Social Security office is very strict about deadlines and the preset technical requirements.

Know how to gather and present the required evidence

A major reason why most first-time Social Security Disability Insurance applications are denied is that most people do not know how to assess their medical condition against the SSA criteria and assemble medical records as required.

A major reason why most first-time Social Security Disability Insurance applications are denied is that most people do not know how to assess their medical condition against the SSA criteria and assemble medical records as required.

Social Security Disability lawyers can also easily detect bias in your medical exams and help you craft a suitable narrative backed by medical evidence even when you don’t fit SSA’s predefined criteria.

An experienced attorney can also help to bring up expert witnesses, primarily your doctors and disability specialists, to verify how your injury or medical condition qualifies you for benefits so the Disability Determination Services (DDS) makes the right determination for your case.

Can efficiently handle the appeals process

If your initial application was wrongly denied, it is vital that the appeal process is handled with the utmost professionalism to avoid a second rejection and to improve your chances of getting the SSDI benefits you need.

Hiring a Birmingham Social Security Disability lawyer at this stage will give you the much-needed edge as these professionals can quickly understand why your initial claim was rejected, take note of flaws in the SSA decision, and ensure the appeal process is efficiently handled to cover all areas of contention and oversight.

Remember, there is so much to understanding and addressing the reason behind an initial rejection, and knowing how to handle the entire appeals process is crucial for success. There are also deadlines that have to be met, and you do not want to make any mistakes, so an experienced lawyer by your side, who specializes in Social Security Disability cases, is the smartest choice

Can represent your case if the appeal is denied

If your initial claim is denied, you have to go through the appeals process. If this is still not successful, you could end up at the hearing level.

Here, you'll be facing an administrative law judge in a federal court, and you'll likely need the legal help of a Birmingham attorney if you want a favorable ruling that will enable you to get Social Security benefits.

a Birmingham attorney if you want a favorable ruling that will enable you to get Social Security benefits. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney will come in handy as they have a comprehensive understanding of how to approach the case, gather extensive medical records and other documentation, and manage the legal aspects of the proceedings. Your lawyer will also be able to draw from previous rulings, professionally present legal arguments, and ensure your rights are protected at this critical phase.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Disability Attorney In Alabama?

A major concern for most people who are eligible for disability benefits is the cost of hiring an attorney. For this reason, we work on a contingency fee basis at Friedman Law Firm, meaning you don't pay us a cent until we win your case.

This way, you never have to worry about the financial aspects of hiring Social Security Disability lawyers in Alabama when you are already unable to work and in dire need of money to support yourself and your loved ones.

We Are Here For You: Let’s Help Make Your Social Security Disability Insurance Claim Stress-Free

Handling your Social Security Disability claim shouldn’t be a lonely and complicated fight that only adds to your distress. Call us today for a FREE initial consultation with our Birmingham Social Security Disability lawyers, who are dedicated to fighting for you and ensuring the best outcome for your case.