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Chris Robinson

Operations Officer

Areas of Practice

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  • Cornell University, BS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (1981)

  • Purdue University, MS Human Factors Engineering (1984)

  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, MDiv (1995)

Chris Robinson

Operations Officer

Mr. Robinson is charged with hiring, building, and coordinating a compassionate, disciplined team helping people with disabilities to attain Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits. 

Mr. Robinson is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He researched and developed unconventional engine air intakes for stealthy aircraft. He later transitioned into designing and developing the F-15E cockpit which helped our pilots attain decisive victories in the Gulf Wars. He was then selected to spearhead Air Force Academy and ROTC Scholarship recruiting amongst key universities in Northern New England.

Following his eleven years in the Air Force, Mr. Robinson sensed a call to ministry. Completing a Master of Divinity degree, he went on to establish the first Presbyterian church in the history of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, serving as Pastor for thirteen years. Moving to Delaware, he worked with residents in a nonprofit ministry for the homeless, training men in business life skills to move from addiction recovery to productive living.

From there he moved to Alabama to join his wife and family, and to begin his work with Friedman Law Firm. In his spare time, he designs and builds ergonomic workspace and household furniture.

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