VA Expands Benefits for Air Force Personnel Exposed to Agent Orange

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

The VA has announced a new regulation that expands eligibility for benefits to a select group of Air Force and Air Force Reserves Veterans. This group includes flight, ground maintenance, and medical crew members that served from 1969 through 1986 who had regular and repeated exposure to contaminated Operation Ranch Hand (ORH) C-123s. These aircraft were used to spray Agent Orange in Vietnam.

The VA says that as many as 2,100 Air Force personnel were exposed to Agent Orange by contaminated aircraft. These service members will be entitled to VA disability compensation and medical care.

 The VA will now process claims and provide benefits to eligible Veterans.

Call us to talk about your service time and medical conditions so we can help you determine if you will meet the requirements for benefits.

Follow this link for the list of affected units and Air Force Specialty Codes and dates of service. We believe this list is a starting point if we can prove similar Agent Orange exposure from other aircraft.