My Social Security

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

The Social Security Administration celebrated its 80th birthday and Second Annual National my Social Security Week from July 19th to 25th. This celebration commenced the announcement of their blog, Social Security Matters, and the launching of My Social Security.

What exactly is My Social Security? It’s a secure account where you can access and manage your Social Security information online. It’s free and easy to create. You’ll just need: a valid email address, your SSN, valid US mailing address, and your personal identity info. Join the 19 million people that are already taking advantage of all of the benefits this account offers.

When you create a My Social Security account, you will be able to access and update your personal information and check for errors. You can keep track of all of your reported earnings and if you have worked enough credits to receive disability if you were to become disabled. You can also see an estimate of what your monthly benefit would be if you become disabled. Plan for the future with the benefit calculator that gives you an estimate of what your retirement may look like or survivors or dependents benefits for your loved ones.

What if you are already receiving benefits? You can access and manage your benefits on your account. You can update personal and direct deposit information. You can print a benefits verification letter online and request a replacement Medicare card if you lose yours.

My Social Security is a useful online tool that everyone can use. Whether you are planning for the future or maintaining your current state of affairs, having a My Social Security account can help you. Don’t wait to get started keeping track of the things that matter.

Call us today if you have any questions about work credits or the application process. We help people every day get the benefits they deserve.

Learn how to create an account here