My Case Was Denied and I Can’t Work. What Can I Do?

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

In one word, you can Appeal. Whether it’s Social Security Disability or VA Disability Compensation, you have the right to appeal. But you must exercise that right within the time period required by law. If you don’t file a timely appeal, then you will lose your rights to the benefits that you seek.

Both Social Security and VA provide for a hearing before a judge if you are not satisfied with the decisions made in your case. The hearings are informal, but they follow specific legal rules that may not be apparent to anyone but your lawyer. We often have hearings where we can tell that the judge is going to award the case, and afterwards the client will ask: “What is going to happen? Did we win or lose?”

Unfortunately, hearings have gotten complicated. If you have any question about your hearing, feel free to contact us.