In a Social Security Disability Hearing, Client Credibility is Key

By Jessica M. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

During a recent Social Security Disability hearing the importance of a client’s credibility became even more apparent to me. This disability client is in his 40s. He experiences disabling pain throughout his body. Unfortunately, the information in the medical records reflected what would be considered only a mild condition that would not always be considered disabling. This client had lost at a previous Social Security Disability hearing for just this reason.

At this hearing, the Social Security Judge asked if I could point to any documentation showing more than mild injuries, which I could not. However, when the client testified about his condition, the client was completely open, honest, and willing to discuss his pain, the details of his condition, and how it affected his ability to work. The Judge then told the client that, although the pain the client described did not really match with the doctor’s findings, the Judge was going to find the client disabled because the Judge believed the client.

The client’s credibility plays a key role in securing social security disability benefits.