I Think VA is Waiting for Me to Die!

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

We hear this a lot of veterans– The VA is stalling so that I will die and they won’t have to pay my benefits. Well, this is something that people can argue about and never get it resolved. While there are certainly delays in the system — which may go on for years — we encourage veterans instead to determine whether there is anything they can do to speed up their claims. In other words, try to be proactive to get your claim resolved if you possibly can.

For example, recently we have found that not requesting a hearing at the Board of Veterans Appeals may shorten the time involved. This is because at present there are many more claims at the Board than judges to hear them. So, if you don’t request a hearing, the claim can be decided on the record.

If we feel that testimony from the veteran is needed, we can submit it in the form of s statement from the veteran. Another advantage of submitting a statement instead of having a hearing is that the veteran won’t have to testify.

What is effective to speed things up today, though, may not be effective next week or next month. The situation can change for the better if the VA hires more employees; or it can change for the worse if they don’t. In addition, every case is different. So, if you have questions about what might be best for your case, please contact us at 205-879-3033 or LifeHealth@FriedmanFirmPC.com. We are here to help.