I Can’t Afford to Go to the Doctor. How can I prove my disability case?

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

It’s not as easy to prove a disability case if you don’t have medical records. Sometimes clients go to the Emergency Room for treatment, but, even that can be costly and most people only go if they are really hurting. So, ER treatment tends to be sporadic.

While medical records are certainly very important to your case, sometimes the government or the court will send you out for a consultative exam. We had a veteran as a client who was awarded benefits for PTSD based just on a consultative Compensation and Pension exam. That veteran was in such bad psychological condition that he could not deal with going to the hospital for treatment. So, he had no treatment records. But, we were able to get the VA to send him out for an exam, and it turned out to be favorable. So, he was awarded.

The same idea may also work with a Social Security disability case. They may also send you out for a consultative exam.

In most areas there is free or sliding scale medical treatment available, especially for psychological conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and depression, and bipolar disease. These records can be crucial to proving your case.

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