How to Prove a Child’s SSI Case

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

To be honest, these cases are hard to prove. Years ago, the rules were changed to make it harder for parents to get SSI for their children. And, recently, there have even been proposals to stop awarding benefits to children. This would be a sad result because many children are in need of Medicaid for treatment and need help affording medication and treatment. Without these things, a disabled child has much smaller chance to become a productive member of society– not to mention the financial burden on their parents!

In view of the difficulty proving these cases, we ask parents who contact us to obtain a medical source statement from the child’s doctor to help us prove the case. Our attorneys will draft the questions for the doctor to answer. In the answers are favorable, we can then proceed with the case.

If a child is not receiving medical care for the alleged disability, we usually will not accept the case because medical records are key to proving the child’s condition. Without medical treatment, Social Security may conclude that the condition is not severe enough to entitle the child to benefits– because, if it was, the child would be getting treatment.

If you have a possible child’s case, please call us for more information, including where you may receive free or low-cost treatment for your child.