How Do I Get VA or Social Security Disability for My Bipolar Disorder?

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

Many suffers of bipolar disorder are relatively stable for significant periods of time, while others constantly cycle back and forth between the extremes. And, during times of stability, a person with this disease often can function well. So, how can you prove disability in these cases?

The answer is that for most people to hold down a job, they must be able to work forty hours each week, fifty weeks a year. If you have bipolar episodes just twice a year, and each episode lasts for two weeks, you would miss four weeks of work. In between episodes you may be fine, but those four weeks of sickness would usually cause you to be let go from the job.

We understand how bipolar sufferers can cycle back and forth, and at times appear to very healthy. We focus on proving how long the bad episodes last, and how often they occur. At Friedman Law Firm we are familiar with your symptoms and we know that sometimes you don’t feel well. We believe our sensitivity to these problems are key to successfully representing our clients.

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