Don’t Understand Why Your Social Security Disability Was Denied?

By Douglas I. Friedman of Friedman Law Firm, P.C.

We often have disabled workers who come to see us and they say: I know I am disabled and entitled to Social Security Disability – – but I keep getting denied. I don’t know what to do any more. Can you help me?

It can sometimes take years to get Social Security disability, but knowing how to present a case in its best light, and without unnecessary information, is sometimes the key to success.

So, this is what we tell our clients: We only have to get the nose of the football over the goal line to win your case. We don’t have to ram the football through the wall at the end zone.

This is what we mean by that. Imagine yourself working at the Social Security Administration reviewing claim files, which often are very long. How would you like to see the claim presented? We believe that the decision maker wants to see a summary of the case, with just enough information so that the case can be awarded easily and quickly.

This means that we don’t go into detail on every single thing that is wrong with a client. Instead, we ask Social Security to focus on the key pieces of evidence to support an award. We have been told that this approach is favored by the decision-maker. In fact, we sometimes tell clients that if they can’t win their case based on their three or four main medical conditions, they probably won’t win.

That is how we present cases so that they may be awarded. No guarantee of success, but this approach makes sense in view of the heavy case load at Social Security and what reviewers tell us. Again, think of what you would want if you were working there!

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